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Israel Islam and Armageddon


Approx. 60 minutes

Order# TCV 292


SRP $16.95



With more than 3,000 years of history, Jerusalem is mentioned 800 times in the Bible, and prophesied to play a key role in world destiny. Many of these prophecies have come to pass, with some yet to be fulfilled. This video shows how the current peace process is fraught with peril, why it is impossible for Jerusalem to know true peace in our age, how the Antichrist will lead the world's armies to destroy Israel, the truth about the Vatican's intentions, and the Palestinian myth. It powerfully corrects much of "the misinformation and propaganda" aggressively advanced by the world media and others. Bonus Features: Special Presentation by Dave Hunt, plus Q & A Session.

Who Were The "Rivals of Jesus"?


Who were these “Rivals of Jesus Christ?” Why did the Mediterranean world of AD 1 seem to create so many Messiahs, and why did the faith of Jesus win out over similar sects? “Rivals of Jesus” examines the New Testament and the historic rivals of Jesus to learn what makes a Messiah, and how a religion is born?

ABOUT THE RIVALS…During the time that Jesus walked the earth, the Holy Land was teaming with philosophers, would-be messiahs, sorcerers and pagan religious cults all claiming divinity.  Here are just a few that are covered in this remarkable program. Apollonius of Tyana: Born in Asia Minor (now northern Syria), Apollonius was a Pythagorean philosopher who was a champion of traditional Greek values despite the power of the Roman Empire.  His ardent following believed him to be a learned alchemist and a pure transmitter of ancient knowledge. Simon Magus: Also called “Simon the Sorcerer”, he converted to Christianity but became known as “the source of all heresies” when he attempted to pay some of Jesus’ disciples for the power to bestow the Holy Spirit on others.  Simon Magus’ followers claimed he could levitate, and even fly! Simon Bar Kochba: This charismatic messiah figure led a successful revolt against Rome in 132 AD.  He established an independent Jewish state until Palestine was brutally re-conquered by the Emperor Hadrian three years later.   The Cult of Mithras: Born on December 25th in a manager, Mithras was believed to be the Sun God and the mediator between heaven and earth.  This popular cult of “The Unconquered Sun” spread to the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire during the time of Christ. Isis: The emperor Caligula helped re-introduce this ancient Egyptian goddess into the Roman world.  To believers, she represented the “Universal Mother” to mankind, and the sculpture her cult worshipped of Isis with the infant Horus is thought to be the inspiration for the “Madonna with the Child Jesus” in Christian art.  

The Gift of Jabez
Approx. 45 minutes

Order# TCV 226

UPC# 820337226078

SRP $14.95



Discover the prayer that's changing lives! Hidden deep within the Old Testament, the prayer of Jabez is the latest Biblical revelation to intrigue and inspire millions. Combining in-depth interviews from a variety of religious leaders with the historical re-telling of Jabez's true story, this break-through program presents a vivid and complete portrait of this miraculous new phenomenon. 

Jesus in His Own Words (Audio)


Approx. 101 minutes

Order# TCV 232

UPC# 820337232024
SRP $16.95 


Read by Henry O. Arnold. Inspired by the Red Letter Edition of the New Testament (KJV), this 2CD set captures every word, nuance of meaning and cadence of expression while revealing Christ's message with an ebullience and freshness that succeeds in rekindling the spirit of words first spoken 2,000 years ago!



Since 1970 Mr. Arnold has been a professional actor, writer, director, and producer in theatre, film, television, and recordings. His regional theatre performances include such roles as Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol," Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice," Lloyd Dallas in "Noises Off," and John Dickinson in "1776." In films and TV he has worked with such actors as Sissy Spacek in "Marie," Rip Torn in "Payday," and Jeff Bridges in "8 Million Ways To Die." He starred in the role of the apostle Paul of Visual Bible's production of "The Book of Acts" along with Dean Jones as Luke and James Brolin as Peter.

He did a national tour of his original one-man play "The Light of the World" (the life of Jesus), as the opening act for Michael W. Smith. A second national tour followed with Steven Curtis Chapmen and Sandi Patti of the "My Utmost for His Highest" musical in which he played the role of Oswald Chambers.

His original film trilogy "The Word Made Flesh," three one-man shows of the biblical characters of Jesus, Paul, and David, were produced by Pecos Films and received two firstt place awards at the Houston International Film Festival and the Columbus International Film Festival. He co-wrote and produced the film "The Second Chance" starring Michael W. Smith now available on DVD. He wrote the screenplay for the firstt authorized film documentary on evangelist Billy Graham, "God's Ambassador," aired on PBS in 2006 and also available on DVD.



  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. The Sermon From The Mount of olives

  • 3. Jesus Sends Out The 12 Disciples

  • 4. Jesus Explains Who Will Be The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven

  • 5. Jesus Proclaims The Seven Woes Upon The Pharisees

  • 6. Jesus Tells His Disciples Of The Signs Of The End of The Age

  • 7. Jesus Says To Nicodemus, You Must Be Born Again

  • 8. There Is Life Through Jesus

  • 9. Jesus Is The Bread Of Life

  • 10. Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

  • 11. Jesus Encourages His Disciples In The Upper Room

  • 12. Jesus Prays To The Father For Himself, For His Disciples And For All Believers


  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares

  • 3. The Parable Of The Mustard Seed

  • 4. The Parable Of The Hidden Treasure

  • 5. The Parable Of The Priceless Pearl

  • 6. The Parable Of The Dragnet

  • 7. The Parable Of Forgiveness

  • 8. The Parable Of The Workers In The Vineyard

  • 9. The Parable Of The Marriage Of The King's Son

  • 10. The Parable Of The Ten Virgins

  • 11. The Parable Of The Talents

  • 12. The Parable Of The Sheep And The Goats

  • 13. The Parable Of The Sower

  • 14. The Parable Of The Good Samaritan

  • 15. The Parable Of The Rich Fool

  • 16. The Parable Of The Great Supper

  • 17. The Parable Of The Cost Of Discipleship

  • 18. The Parable Of The Lost Sheep And The Lost Coin

  • 19. The Parable Of The Shrewd Steward

  • 20. The Parable Of The Rich Man And Lazarus

  • 21. The Parable Of The Pharisee And The Publican

  • 22. The Parable Of The Prodigal So

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