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Hummingbirds of the Backyard


Approx. 50 minutes
Order# TCV 846
UPC# 820337846078
SRP $19.95


Superb Close Up & Slow Motion Video of Hummingbirds in Action


Come along with Sheri Williamson, author of the Peterson Guide to Hummingbirds, on this fascinating video journey into the secret lives of North America’s favorite birds. She’ll introduce you to 14 species that nest in the U.S. and Canada, and she’ll show you how to attract them to your yard. 


Sheri offers her expert insights into their migration patterns, their intimate relationships with the flowers they pollinate, their unique flight patterns, and their brilliant iridescent colors. She’ll also offer clear instructions on the care and placement of feeders and the planting of a hummingbird-friendly garden, plus much more. All designed to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of these remarkable creatures. At the end of the narrated portion of the video, the stunning images are repeated without narration, offering the viewer another way to enjoy this remarkable nature video.


Featuring: Calliope HummingbirdAllen's HummingbirdBroad-billed HummingbirdViolet-crowned HummingbirdBroad-tailed Hummingbird Magnificent Hummingbird White-eared Hummingbird Costa's Hummingbird Black-chinned Hummingbird Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Rufous Hummingbird Anna's Hummingbird Lucifer Hummingbird Blue-throated Hummingbird

Birds of the Backyard


Approx. 120 minutes
Order# TCV 847
UPC# 820337847075
SRP $19.95


Make Your Backyard A Wild Bird Sanctuary



Winter Into Spring: An uncommon video adventure with the common birds of the backyard - winter into spring. The video is your guide through the birds true-life dramas and shows you how to convert your backyard into a wild bird sanctuary.


Winter Into Spring without Narration: Here the beautiful images and natural sounds are repeated without narration, offering a whole new dimension in video enjoyment. Bonus: More Winter Birds. 



Spring Into Summer: Come along, close up, and marvel at the drama and vibrant beauty of spring and summer song birds while learning the secrets of atrtracting birds to the yard in these two seasons. From the first days of spring to the lingering days of summer, thrill to intimate glimpses of cardinals, bluebirds, goldfinches, warblers, tangers and hummingbirds. 


Spring Into Summer without Narration: The exquisite images and glorious sounds are repeated without narration, offering the viewer a revolutionary dimension in nature video entertainment and enjoyment. Bonus: More Spring and Summer Birds.

Loons on Golden Pond


Approx. 60 minutes
Order# TCV 848
UPC# 820337848072
SRP $19.95


Never before has the life of the common loon been filmed so dramatically close, so beautifully and memorably as in this award-winning, Emmy-nominated video adventure on Golden Pond. 

Be with a loon pair, mated for life, when they court, bathe, dive, and hunt fish, close up. Stay with them as they patiently incubate their two olive-colored eggs; see how carefully they roll each egg in the nest, and how they protect them from danger. Thrill to their mournful calls and wild laughter in the wilderness night. 

Listen to a loon chick being called from the nest by its parents; see it tumble into the water for the first time. Share in its first hours of life, first swim and its first ride on the back of its parent. Watch as fledglings learn to fly. 

Following the narrated portion of the program, the exquisite images and glorious sounds are repeated, offering the viewer a revolutionary dimension in nature video entertainment. The captivating sights and sounds of the birds convey a relaxation and peacefulness unobtainable in any other media.

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