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Flexible Seniors



Flexible Seniors with Joy Prouty & Josie Gardiner

Approx: 82 Mins.
Order# TCV 558
UPC# 820337558070
SRP $19.95


Flexible Seniors by Master Trainers and Fitness Consultants Joy Prouty and Josie Gardiner. Whether your goal is to regain or maintain flexibility, increase functionality, lose weight, build muscle, strengthen bones or just look and feel better, these easy-to-follow exercises created by award-winning instructors Joy Prouty and Josie Gardiner will help you improve your sense of well being. Seated or standing, Joy and Josie will get you moving to safe and effective exercise all set to fun Big Band and Swing music. It's no secret that being active is beneficial and can improve quality of life at any age. That's why Joy and Josie say: Exercise is the best medicine! BEGINNERS WORKOUT: 10 minute warm-up 17 minute workout 6 minute stretch STRETCH WORKOUT: 4 minute warm-up 18 minute stretch 7 minute transitional stretch CARDIO WORKOUT: 14 minute cardio 6 minute cool down



For Joy Prouty, age plays to her advantage as well. Age is an asset, says Prouty, owner of Fitness Programming in West Palm Beach, Fla., and an international fitness instructor and program developer who taught her first fitness class in 1965. She just turned 70 and is still going strong. In recent years, I ve assumed more of a role as educator and mentor in this business, which is exactly where I want to be because I believe that with the experience and knowledge I ve gained over the years, I have so much to offer younger fitness professionals. Josie Gardiner was a former ballet dancer and a Reebok Master Trainer and member of Reebok s development team for 25 years. She was the ACE (American Council on Exercise) Instructor of the Year 2005 and IDEA Instructor of the Year 2002. She is the co/author of 4 Harvard Medical School Special Health Reports and the book, Harvard Medical School Breast Cancer Survivors Fitness Plan. Josie is certified by ACE and AFAA. Josie is a 15 year cancer survivor.

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