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America's Great National Parks


Approx. 170 minutes
Order# TCV 322
UPC# 820337322077
SRP $19.95


Grand Canyon: Symphony of Stone
Explore the canyon’s profound beauty and hisotry. Learn the story hidden within the canyon’s rock layers; explore the ruins of an ancient Peubloan culture; discover the roots of modern Native Americans within this region. Breathtaking cinematography with a contemporty soundtrack of dreamscapes and rhythms. Renowned Grand Canyon artist and resident, Bruce Aiken, has contributed astounding footage from rarely seen below-the-rim locations. Celebrate the preservation of Grand Canyon as a National Park and discover what threatens its fragile ecosystems in today’s modern world. This program takes you on an intimimate journey through the mysterious depths of one of the world’s most scenic natural wonders.

Yosemite: The Storm of Beauty
Breathtakimg imagery of Yosemite National Park - from the radiant granite domes of Tuolumne Meadows and magnificent giant sequoias of Mariposa Grove to the beauty of Yosemite Valley. Observe deer luxuriating in sun-dappled forested glens, the wild and resourceful black bear, coyotes loping across grassy
meadows. Behold the brilliant colors of Autumn - a last festival before Winter when Yosemite becomes a dazzling wonderland. Melting snow, trickling streams, the awakening of Spring-the glory of Summer. Acclaimed star, Lee Stetson, delivers an emotionally charged narration based on the writings of John Muir.

Yellowstone: Fabric of a Dream
A land forged by the fires of ancient volcanoes and sculpted by the forces of water, ice and time. Home to the largest population of North American wildlife in the United States; bison, elk, moose, pronghorn, bighorn, sheep, trumpeter swan, wolf, and the formidable grizzly bear. Witness the spectacle of Old Faithful. Explore the dramatic landscape of geysers, mud pots and hot springs; mountains, lakes, waterfalls. Watch as the Yellowstone River plummets more than 200 feet at Lower Falls and tumbles into the bizarre landscape of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Explore this astonishing landscape and its denizens in all seasons of the year-from the lushness of summer to the harsh spectacle of deep winter’s beauty.

Family Western Triple Feature


Approx. 193 minutes
Order# TCV 488
UPC# 820337488070
SRP $19.95


Three adventures in the Old West that build your faith in God


Lost in Silver Canyon:

“All things work together for good to them that love God” A humorous, heartwarming adventure for the whole family. While on vacation with their family, Joe and Vanessa are separated rom their parents and find themselves stranded in a “deserted” ghost town. Trusting God to send someone to rescue them, the children decide to explore their mysterious surroundings. What they discover is suspense and excitement, and a new understanding of the Biblical truth that “all things work together for good to them that love God.” (Approx . 72 Mins.)



Learn about the “Armor of God” A Western drama the whole family will enjoy. Action abounds when Gramps and Dudley travel back in time to visit the Old West and arrive in the town of Armor just moments before a daring bank robbery. They are befriended by Amanda and Peewee, and together the foursome sets out on an adventure full of excitement and suspense which culminates in a dramatic ambush. Dudley, as a result of his western adventure, learns important spiritual truths about the “Armor of God” in Ephesians 6. (Approx . 45 Mins.)



Saving the relationship between a father & his son A suspense-filled drama of the old west the whole family will enjoy. When convicted bank robber Hank Tagert arrives home after his early release from prison, trouble is waiting for him. An outlaw gang is planning to “hoodwink” him into a dangerous stagecoach robbery. His ranch is about to be repossessed. His recent conversion is viewed with skepticism. Only his daughter, Amanda, believes in him. Moving, heartwarming drama of the attempt of a Christian children’s home to salvage the relationship between a father and his son. (Approx . 76 Mins.)

"The World's Most Famous Quotations"


Approx. 137 minutes

Order# TCV2009
UPC# 820337200900
SRP $16.95

If it's true, as Samuel Johnson once observed, thet "Every quotation contributes something to the stability and enlargement of the language" then this audio collection of famous quotes will surely become a cornerstone of your library.

Packed with over 500 entries covering more than 50 subject areas, this unique 2-disc set features wise and witty words from notables such as:  
Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, William Blake, G.K. Chesterton, Lord Byron, H.L. Mencken, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Jesus Christ, Aristotle, Samuel Johnson, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, William Somerset Maugham, Robert Louis Stevenson, Voltaire, Jane Austen, Napoleon, Henry David Thoreau, Alexis de Tocqueville, Winston Churchill, John Stuart Mill, John Milton, George Bernard Shaw, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Keats, Walt Whitman and others.

Subjects Include:  Love Success & Failure God & Man Wealth Money
Men & Women Laughter Courage Death Sex Children Friendship
Politics & Politicians America Alcohol Faith Evil Age & Youth
Stupidity Democracy Enemies Work Beauty and many more . . .

Featuring the voices of . . .

Henry O. Arnold co-wrote and produced the film "The Second Chance."  He was the narrator for the "Jesus In His Own Words" CD produced by Total-Content.  His novel, "Hometown Favorite" is now available.  He is proud to be teamed up with his sister, Nan Gurley for this project.


Nan Gurley is an actor, singer, writer and fine artist living in Nashville, TN.  She is a member of the comedy group The Glory Bugles and is the author of three children's books entitled "Little Rose of Sharon", "Twice Yours" and "And What Color is Love."  She is pleased to have worked with her brother Chip Arnold on this project.

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